Eating local

Asahi's menu

Asahi's wide variety of dishes is carefully prepared
with fresh, delicious, and locally-sourced ingredients.
Savor the tastes of Shizuoka,
from grilled steak featuring local Kakegawa beef
to shamo namerou with Enshu Ikkoku Shamo chicken from nearby Omaezaki.


Kakegawa beef
¥1,680(Tax not included)

Tender, juicy steak that's almost sweet.
Experience more flavor with each bite,
starting with a burst of taste as it melts the moment you put it in your mouth.
Served with aromatic wasabi that you can add as desired.
Enjoy the savory beef of Shizuoka!

*The menu may change depending on availability of ingredients.

¥780(Tax not included)

Tonteki, or pork steak, is a juicy dish grilled quickly on a hot iron plate,
using high-quality aged pork.
Enjoy the fatty meat packed full of flavor to your heart's content.
The perfect choice for when you want a hearty and filling meal.

  • トンテキ1
  • トンテキ2
Aged lean
¥1.380(Tax not included)

The luxurious choice in meat dishes,
providing even more richness in flavor.
The moist texture melts in your mouth.
Topped with a curry powder and black pepper sauce
and plenty of garlic chips
for a spicy flavor.

*The menu may change depending on availability of ingredients.

  • 赤身ステーキ1
  • 赤身ステーキ2
Shamo namerou
¥880(Tax not included)

Namerou using reliable and safe chicken from familiar local producers.
A dish that delivers rich flavor with plenty of fatty meat,
made possible only by fresh and delicious chicken.
Savor the taste!


¥880(Tax not included)

Featuring a characteristic light pink color,
this rare tempura uses Daisen chicken popular for its amazing juiciness.
Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside,
the texture is just as satisfying as the dish itself.


We prepare these dishes with care, so they may take a little time.
Please look forward to their arrival at your table.

Snacks to

Cream cheese
¥500(Tax not included)

Our creamy, sweet, and delicious cream cheese
is great on its own,
but we marinate it in freshly grated wasabi for even more aromatic flavor.
Perfect for a snack while drinking.

Cream cheese

Fried black
¥500(Tax not included)

A local favorite that takes black hanpen, a Shizuoka delicacy, and fries it to a golden brown.
Shizuoka's black hanpen is made with fish paste.
Enjoy the deep flavors filled with the taste of the sea.


maguro tartare
¥780(Tax not included)

You can't go wrong with the combination of
rich, buttery avocado,
sweet maguro (tuna), and creamy cheese.
Flavored with dashi soy sauce and mixed
for an unmistakably Japanese taste.

maguro tartare



Handmade pizza
¥920(Tax not included)
A flavorful pizza made with three kinds of cheese—mozzarella, cheddar, and Grada Padano.
We use Japanese flour
to make the crispy crust from scratch.
A can't-miss for cheese lovers!


Mentai butter udon

A great dish
¥680(Tax not included)
Some dishes are perfect for filling you up
at the end of the meal.
Enjoy the perfectly cooked noodles
with rich flavors of sweet soy sauce and butter.


Flaming baked
¥380(Tax not included)

An impressive dessert topped by a flickering flame.
Its smooth taste isn't too sweet,
and the surface is bruleed for a tantalizing aroma.
The perfect dessert for a special occasion.

baked custard

French toast
¥480(Tax not included)

Recommended for those looking for a hearty dessert.
Our French toast is topped with ice cream
and plenty of maple syrup.
The crispy surface and soft, fluffy texture combine
to create this luxurious dessert.

Appetizers and side dishes

Handmade cold tofu
Pickled vegetables
Spicy cod innards
Sliced tomato


Sashimi combination
Carpaccio of the day
Seafood tartare
with soft-boiled egg
Choice namerou
Seared sashimi
Black maguro
Lightly-dried cuttlefish
Ray fin


Flaming baked custard
Honey toast returns
Ice cream
(Vanilla / chocolate /
choco banana /
strawberry cheesecake /
purple yam / caramel macchiato)


Asahi salad
Crispy soba salad
Homemade tofu salad
Bagna cauda with
seasonal vegetables
Shizuoka salad with avocado

Single plates

French fries
Karaage (fried) chicken
Maguro cheek steak
Kyoto-style rolled omelet
Fried homemade tofu
Tonpei-yaki style omelet
Fried ham on a stick
Invincible pork steak
Pork innards stir-fried with miso


Two types of seared sashimi
(Thigh meat, breast meat)
Shizuoka Fujinokuni pork
(grilled steak)
Tottori Daisen chicken
(rare tempura)

An izakaya's handmade pizza

Three cheese pizza
Japanese cheese pizza
Pizza marinara
(an Asahi original)

Dishes to end a meal with

Clam and cabbage salt yakisoba
Dashi chazuke
(Salmon, pickled plum,
mentaiko, spicy cod innards)
Mentai butter udon


Our course meals are packed full of
Asahi's most popular menu items such as
meat dishes, sashimi combinations, pizza, and single dishes.
Prices start at ¥3,000 (includes tax).
We can design a course around your budget,
so please don't hesitate to ask us.

*The photo shows just part of a sample course.

*Course offerings change based on the season and ingredient availability.

3,500(includes tax)
Appetizer platter Salad Sashimi of the day
Single dish Pasta Meat dish
Rice dish Sweets  
2,500(includes tax) is also available.
4,000(includes tax)
We offer a variety of special dishes.
We can create courses for celebrations, courses perfect for enjoying drinks, courses without sweets,
courses full of sweets, and more. Please don't hesitate to ask us.
All-you-can-drink course
1,500yen(includes tax)
90 min course is also available.


We have drinks

Enjoy the local tastes of Shizuoka in your glass as well as on your plate.
We have a wide selection of beer and sake born right here in Shizuoka.
We recommend the sake in particular,
with many delicious varieties that enhance the flavors of the food.
We taste them ourselves on an ongoing basis
to select only those we think are truly exquisite
in the hopes that our guests will enjoy them as well.


drinks and food



¥500(Tax not included)
¥380(Tax not included)

Premium beer from Sapporo Breweries Ltd.
that's exclusive to Shizuoka.
It is characterized by its smooth, white head
and crisp taste, and feels great going down.
A great way to quench your thirst at the beginning of an evening.
An excellent first choice!

Recommended with
Crisp beer goes great with fried foods.
Enjoy the combination of
Shizuoka's beer and Shizuoka's food.


We serve sake in 120ml glasses.
This makes it easy to enjoy different kinds of sake
at reasonable prices.


Shimizu Ward

glass¥500(Tax not included)

Sake Meter Value +6
Acidity 1.3

Sake made with local Shizuoka rice,
it is flavorful and dry with a crisp, clear taste.
Sharp, but with a rich, deep flavor.
It can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including served warm.

Recommended with
Cream cheese
A snack that lets you enjoy the rich aroma of wasabi.
Pairs perfectly with dry sake.



glass¥600(Tax not included)

Special junmai (Yamadanishiki)
Sake Meter Value +6
Acidity 1.6

Characterized by a deep, mellow flavor, a softness in the mouth, and a crisp, refreshing feel going down.
It's easy to drink, but you can notice
the flavor and fullness of the rice.
This special junmai sake is popular among locals as well.

Recommended with
Rare tempura
Enjoy the combination of a soft, flavorful sake
with this flavorful chicken dish for
an exquisite joining of tastes.

Kanaya Biyori


glass¥500(Tax not included)

Junmai (Goka rice)
Sake Meter Value +1
Acidity 1.2

By polishing the rice to retain its original shape and heat-processed once,
Kanaya Biyori achieves a refreshing taste
followed by a deep aftertaste
that lingers for prolonged enjoyment.
The consistent care from rice husks to shipment shows up in the taste.
From the processing of the rice to brewing, everything is done at Oomuraya Brewery
for the ultimate in personal accountability.

Recommended with
Shamo namerou
Enjoy the deep flavor of the namerou with plenty of fatty meat
combined with light, refreshing sake.
Savor both with sips and nibbles.

Shochu or wine

Shochu and wine enhance the deep flavors of meat dishes
with their sweetness and aroma.
Make tasty, high-quality meats even tastier.




¥600(Tax not included)

The original shochu used to create the aged shochu Hyakunen no Kodoku.
It contains hints of the flavor and aroma of natural barley,
and is relatively easy to drink.
Try it on the rocks to appreciate the fragrance.


Tomino Hozan

¥550(Tax not included)

Shochu that pioneered new possibilities for sweet potato shochu.
It has a refreshing citrus aroma and a clean taste.
Enjoy its strong sweetness and flavor.



¥600(Tax not included)

It combines a brilliant aroma and a soft taste.
Uses yeast cultured in-house with techniques
developed and perfected over many years.
Savor the deep bouquet and fruity, gentle taste.


glass¥400(Tax not included)

The dominant choice to drink with meat dishes.
We offer a wide variety of wines.
Rather than order the same labels,
we buy new ones when the old ones are gone.
Each time you visit, you can enjoy new tastes.

Wine list

Sparkling wine

Scudo di Corte

White wine

El Patio
Katsunuma Winery
Haichu Shiraku

Red wine

Katsunuma Winery
Haichu Shiraku
Armador Cabernet

Fruit wineall¥500

  • Shirokaga de Tsukutta Umeshu
  • Hannari Kyo Umeshu
  • Koucha Umeshu

Soft drinksall¥300

  • Orange juice
  • Apple juice
  • Ginger ale
  • Grapefruit juice
  • Calpis
  • Pineapple juice
  • Oolong tea
  • Cola


  • Dewar's
    (on the rocks / with water / highball)
  • Blind Archer
    (on the rocks / oolong tea / soda)
  • Kaku
    (on the rocks / with water / highball)

Low alcohol drinksall¥500

  • Aragoshi Mikan (on the rocks / soda / mandarin orange / apple / pineapple)
  • Aragoshi Ringo
  • Aragoshi Momo
  • Yuzu-shu
  • Mango-shu
  • Yogurt-shu


  • Lemon sour
  • Peach sour
  • Cassis sour
  • Green apple sour


Kihaku no Karakuchi
Biwa no Sazanami
Kudoki Jouzu


  • Spicy red eye
  • Mojito
  • Coffee milk for grownups
  • Gin and tonic

Fresh-squeezed soursall¥550

  • Fresh-squeezed grapefruit
  • Fresh-squeezed lemon

care soursall¥450

  • Collagen white grape
  • Collagen tomato
  • Collagen kiwi


Sapporo Lager Beer
Nonalcoholic beer

Shochu and awamori

Sweet potato shochu

Karari Imo



Perilla leaf shochu


Barley shochu



With tea,
with oolong tea


Sweet potato
Karari Imo
To go with your bottle
Tea / oolong tea pitcher

Basic information

Nikushoku Dining Asahi
Postal code 436-0092
3-5 Nakamachi, Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture
(When calling, please let us know you saw our website.)
Parking lot
Business hours
Lunch 11:30~14:00(last order at 13:30 p.m.)
5:00 p.m. to midnight (last order at 11:30 p.m.)
Friday/saturday 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. (last order at 0:00 a.m. last drink order at 0:30 a.m.)
Total seats
Available for private events
A five-minute walk from the north exit of JR Kakegawa Station
Credit cards
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